Idea Games - FAQ

Idea Games is the premium game store that offers instant access to all the top premium games for a low membership price. It also has 'Games on Demand', where you can buy particular/single games as per your choice. Idea Games enhances your gaming experience by providing you with a fun experience to discover and play all the premium games. You can download unlimited games as well as play online games here. Each game within Idea Games has its own dedicated 'details' page with descriptions, specs, user ratings and reviews.

There are 3 kind of games available on this store

  • Free games
  • Premium Games, which will be available by paying one time subscription charges.
  • Games on Demand, you can pull out single games & buy them as per their choice


  • 1. How do I get Idea Games?
  • You can download Idea Games from

  • Steps to Download & Install

    • Click on Download App
    • Save the File
    • Go to Settings - Security - Unknown Sources – Click on check box to allow installation option.
    • Install the downloaded file on your phone.
  • 2. How much does Idea Games cost?
  • Idea Games app has free games, games under subscription & games on demand. Subscription offers available are - Free 90 days trial (for new users), Rs.10/week & Rs.29/month on auto renewal.

    With Games on Demand, one can select a single game & pay for that game only.

  • 3. What is the validity of my membership?
  • For subscription based games, the validity depends upon the pack selected by you. It could be daily/weekly/monthly.

    Single games bought from 'Games on Demand' section need to be downloaded on device within 3 days of payment made. Validity of downloaded game lasts till user uninstalls game from device. If user uninstalls a game then he can buy the game again from Idea Games app.

  • 4. Do I have to subscribe every month or will my subscription / membership be auto-renewed?
  • Your membership / subscription will get auto-renewed by default every month/week depending upon the pack selected.

    The 90 day free trial is one time and will not be renewed.

    No renewal charges on single games bought from 'Games on Demand' section

  • 5. How do I view my game history?
  • Select the 'My Games' section from the upper left side menu to view all current available games on your phone. This will display all the games you have downloaded with your Idea Games. Click 'Recently played' tab, within this section, to view the last played games.

  • 6. How do I view my payment history?
  • Select the 'My Subscriptions' section from the upper left side menu to view your current subscription details & complete payment history. This section also includes your next billing/due date as well.

  • 7. How do I view my account details?
  • To view your account, access the upper left side menu from the home screen. Click 'My Profile' to view your account details.

  • 8. Why am I not able to download a game?
  • Should you encounter any issues downloading a game, check the following:

    • Make sure you have a stable data connection.
    • Have enough storage space on your device. Some games require more storage space than others, so please ensure you have enough space on your device to download new games.
    • Please make sure you have the latest version of Idea Games on your device to ensure the best experience!

    If you are still experiencing difficulties downloading a game, please contact us at

  • 9. Will the Idea Games work on 3G/LTE mobile network?
  • Yes.

  • 10. Which devices can support Idea Games?
  • Idea Game supports Android version 4.0.1 and above. Sometimes Android version 6.0.1 and above does not allow installation of APK files from unknown sources, if you face this issue, try installing through some other file manager or contact us, we will be there to help you.

  • 11. Is there any limit on number of games I can download?
  • Absolutely not! With an active Idea Games membership you can download unlimited games! However, if your membership expires you will lose access to downloading new games and your existing games.

  • 12. Can I play games on multiple devices?
  • Yes, you can download games on multiple devices but at a time you can play games on any one device using login details created on first (primary) device.

Player's Guide

  • 1. How do I change my notification settings?
  • You can turn off/on notification easily within Idea Games. In the menu, tap 'Setting' and click Notification Settings. You can check/uncheck the notification from there.

  • 2. How do I restore my user information when I change devices?
  • Restoring your information is simple and easy! On your new device, when you launch the Idea Games application for the first time it will prompt you to verify your phone number. As long as your number is still the same, all of your information will be restored upon verification.

  • 3. How do I report Abuse / Cheating?
  • To report any abuse or violations in any of our games, please contact us. In addition, please provide us with a description of the violation, title of the game, and a screen shot (if possible). Any additional information is encouraged as it may help speed up the case.

  • 4. How do I browse for games?
  • Browsing for games is extremely easy in Idea Games. At the home screen, you are presented our Latest/Trending games. Additionally, you can also browse by selecting you desired categories. If you have the name or category of the game you are looking for, you can search for it any by selecting the search/magnifying icon on any screen (top right).

  • 5. How do I delete a game?
  • You can delete any games downloaded by you through your device settings. Locate settings on your device and look for Application Manager. Once inside Application Manager, look for the game you want to delete and click Uninstall.

  • 6. What are online playable games?
  • Certain games on Idea Games can be played without downloading and installing them. These games are played online in a browser within the app.

  • 7. What are VR games and how do I play them?
  • VR or Virtual reality games provide the gamer with a unique experience. The games are in 3D and designed to make the gamer feel like he/she is navigating the game themselves. VR games need phones with gyroscope, Android 4.1 and above and also a VR device to play to game. These VR devices can be purchased for around Rs.200 and are necessary to play the game. All the user has to do then is to download the VR game from Idea Games, install and open the game, insert the mobile phone in the VR device and navigate by moving their head accordingly.

  • 8. What are 'Games on Demand' games and how do I play them?
  • 'Games on Demand' section in Idea Games app, allows you to purchase single premium games rather than buy subscription pack for all games. You can buy selected games of your choice by 1 time payment & download them. No renewal charges are present. Game should be downloaded within 3 days of purchase. No validity issues, it lasts till the game is present in the device. However, after uninstalling a game, you can buy that game again from Idea Games app.

  • 9. What is 'Add to Wishlist' for games?
  • With this option, you can add games you desire to play or download later in your wishlist. You can access this list from by clicking 'My Games' from Menu (upper left) and opening tab 'Wishlist'

  • 10. How to share app details with others?
  • You can share app details or link with all your friends on different social media apps by clicking 'Share' option from Game information page of a certain game or from Menu (upper left) & invite them to enjoy the app.

Game Play Assistance

  • 1. Game keeps freezing / crashing?
  • a) If your game keeps crashing or freezing, please follow these steps;

    • Check your connection.
    • Force-close the application and restart it.
    • After doing so, make sure you are logged in to the network, again Un-install and re-install the application if the previous steps have not fixed the issue.

    b) Restart your device.

    c) Should you still have any issues, please contact our support team with the following information:

    • What game are you playing?
    • Device make and model (i.e Samsung Galaxy S5) operating system & version (i.e Android 4.0.3)
    • Are you using WiFi, 3G, or LTE?
    • What is the telephone number of your mobile device?
    • What version of the game are you using?
    • Can you provide details of the issue?
    • If possible, can you provide any screen shots of the issue?
  • 2. Why does my game appear so small on the screen?
  • Although our games are functional across multiple devices, they may not always be optimized for every device. Because of this, some games may not appear on the entire screen. The games may only occupy a small portion in the middle of the screen. You can still play the game with full functionality, but unfortunately we cannot optimize games for certain devices.

  • 3. How do I rate and review the game?
  • You can rate and/or review a game only if you have downloaded and played the game at least once. To submit a rating or review for a game, access the game's description page by selecting the game. To rate a game, click on the stars (1-5) - 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. Once you click your desired star, you can also write a review for the game, from the 'Write Review' pop-up. After you complete your review, click on 'Submit' icon. You can read all the reviews and see all the ratings on the game detail page itself.

  • 4. Where do I contact you?
  • Finding answer and contacting us is easy! Please contact our support team at

    You can access it easily through Idea Games app also by clicking 'About' in the menu (Upper left) and then clicking 'Contact us'.

Purchase and Billing

  • 1. How do I contact support?
  • Have a question? Need help? We are here to assist you! You can quickly access our help section by clicking on 'About' in the menu (upper left) and then click 'Contact us' in the 'About' page. If you still have additional questions, you can always contact us.

  • 2. Do Data charges apply when browsing app or downloading the game?
  • Yes, network data charges will incur every time you use the app or download a game. If you are a data pack customer, you simply consume from your pack and pay nothing extra.

  • 3. What are the available payment options?
  • Idea customers can simply pay from Idea account (prepaid balance or postpaid bill).

    Paytm Wallet, Credit Card, Debit Card and Net banking options are also available to everyone.

  • 4. Why do I get asked for payment even for a FREE trial?
  • This is done only to take customer consent. There will no money be charged for the trial period

  • 5. For auto renewal packs, how do I pay using Debit card and Net banking?
  • Unfortunately auto renewal does not work for these two modes of payment. For debit card and Net banking, we accept a one-time payment which gives a validity according the pack. Eg: For Rs.10/week subscription pack being purchased using Debit card and Net banking, only Rs.10 is deducted one time and this provides a validity of one week.

  • 6. Are there any special offers or freebies on the app?
  • Absolutely! We come with many contests, offers for our users. Currently all new users can subscribe to our 90 day Super Trial pack and enjoy all premium games absolutely free for 90 days.

    New Idea users on the app who subscribe to this 90 day free pack can also win free internet data. We also keep coming with Weekly special gaming contest where you can win talk time or internet recharges.