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Friends, today I will tell you about some magazine subscriptions which you can subscribe online and can also read online. Currently, almost all media houses have their own magazine subscriptions, but on the contrary there are some third party vendors who offer different magazines and online news papers to their customers under the same subscription that to at a cheaper price.

The advantage of this type of online magazine subscription is that you get subscription of many magazines and newspapers for reading at a very low cost and under the same portal you can read various magazines and newspapers anytime and anywhere.

For example, if I talk about the Magzter company, then its magzter gold offer provides you with up to 8000+ online magazines and newspapers at a very low price. Which you can subscribe for just Rs. 1999, every year and if you want to subscribe for 3 years, then you get it for only 3999 and after purchasing it you can enjoy more than 8000+ online magazines and newspapers for the next 3 years.

Update 2022- The price of Magzter Gold plans have been updated in India. Starting from January 2022 the price of 1 year Magzter gold plan is now 2000, and 2 year gold plan is now 3000 and 3 year Gold plan is now 4000 rupees. So, basically the cost of all the 3 plans have been increased by 1 rupees each.

Online magazine subscription 2022

In earlier times, when mobile or other disturbing devices and internet were not available, people used to read newspapers or magazines to know the events happening around them and all over the world. It was printed on news paper or magazine paper and physically delivered to customers at their home. In which the biggest inconvenience was that people had to take a magazine or newspaper with them to read it.

But currently, as time went on, magazines and newspapers started to take shape online and its biggest advantage was that by doing so, the cost of magazine in newspaper companies was reduced significantly as they did not have to physically print it on paper. And they can reach the online magazine subscription through his website or application in a distilled manner to his customers.

Available Magazine Subscriptions

In this part of the article, we will compare some magazine and newspaper subscriptions that you can see by observing which subscription will benefit you the most, and you will be able to read more magazine and newspaper subscriptions at a lower cost.

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Magzter Gold Review

Magzter Gold subscription is my most popular subscription from various online magazine subscriptions currently available through which I can read more than 8000+ magazines and newspapers anywhere and anytime using Magzter official website or Magzter application. The specialty is that for this I do not always need to have internet, I can download my favorite magazine or newspaper anytime and read it offline.

The second biggest thing that makes it most special is its price. If I talk about 1 year Magzter Gold subscription, then it is available at a price of only ₹ 1999 per year.

Apart from this, there is also another plan of Magzter Gold which is 3 years plan in which you can subscribe for just ₹ 3999.

How to buy Magzter gold subscription

If you want to buy Magzter Gold subscription in which you get more than 8000+ magazines and newspapers, then the process of buying it is very easy. You can see this process below and buy online magazine subscription as per your budget.

  1. First visit the Magzter website- Click Here
  2. Select your favorite Magzter Gold subscription
  3. After this click on the claim button
  4. Enter your payment details and email ID and click on the payment button
  5. After clicking on the payment button, make payment through the available payment options which includes net banking, credit card, debit card, wallets.
  6. After payment, all the necessary details related to your Magzter account such as password will be sent to your email id.
  7. You can avail your Magzter Gold subscription by logging on to the Magzter website through your registered email ID and password.

Magzter Gold Login

As you all must know, after subscribing to Magzter Gold, you have to log in to Magzter official website or official application to access your gold plan.

In this part of the article, we will tell you how you can login at Magzter and how you can read and download various magazines and newspapers which are available in your plan.

  • First go to the Magzter website
  • Then click on the login button
  • magzter gold offer
  • After clicking the login button enter your email id and password
  • Click the login button
  • After clicking on the login button, wait for that time
  • After this, you can read all the magazines and newspapers available under your plan on your dashboard.

How to cancel Magzter Gold Plan

If you want to cancel Magzter Gold plan, then you can do it anytime under the plan. After canceling the Magzter Gold Plan, it will not be autorenewd, which will mean that when your Gold Plan expires, the company will not be able to renew it automatically and charge your bank.

To cancel Magzter Gold plan, you have to go to your profile, after this, Go to subscription, you will get the option of cancel, click on cancel option and and confirm, your plan will be canceled.

Final Words: – This the detailed guide using which you can purchase a fully functional and affordable Magazine and news paper bundle in which you are going to enjoy 5000+ latest magazine issues and news papers for the next 3 years. There are plenty of options to subscribe for the Magzter gold plans.

1 Year plan- This plan is available at Just rs 1999 only in which you will get 1 year of Gold subscription to read all you can available magazines and newspapers.

3 Year Plan- With the Magzter 3 year subscription you can enjoy the Gold offer for next 3 year. This 3 year plan is available for a limited period of time.

So, You must now understand that how important is it for you to get your self subscribed in a subscription plan which has so much of value to provide you for the bucks you paid. If you talk about my opinion that which subscription one needs to opt for I would probable pick Magzter’s Gold on any another because it has got so much value with 5000+ magazines and newspapers.

Conclusion- If you love reading magazines then this is the best offer that you can get. Magzter gold subscription 2022 will help you saving money and will also make you able to get the access of 7500+ magazines and premium articles on the go. You can also download them to read them offline if you want.

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